Thank you for your interest in presenting at the CLAC 2019 Annual Conference! Submissions are now closed. We received many interesting proposals and have built them into a fantastic schedule for you. Here they are grouped loosely by theme:


Mindshare Report: Digital Accessibility
Rob Eveleigh (Five Colleges), Corrine Schoeb (Swarthmore College), Michael Jones (Swarthmore College)

Paperless Policies: A More than Accessibility Solution
Cindy Duggan (Manhattan College)


Creating an Information Security Program
Alan Bowen (Franklin & Marshall College)

Improving Active Directory Security for No Money!
Nick Hannon (Swarthmore College)

The World’s Largest Killer Robot: The Challenge of Managing the Internet of Things
Ron Griggs (Kenyon College)


Learning Spaces Tour and Session: Language Center
Michael Jones (Swarthmore college), Mary Toulouse (Lafayette College), Luba Iskold (Muhlenberg College)

The State of Learning Spaces at Small Liberal Arts Colleges: Successes, Challenges, and The Future
Mike Jones, panel moderator; David Sprunger and Ashley Turner, panel organizers (Swarthmore, Whitman, Swarthmore)

MakerSpace Tour/Session
Michael Jones (Swarthmore College), Russell Progodich (MakerSpace Manager, Swarthmore College)

Tour of Swarthmore Biology, Engineering and Psychology building
Andrew Ruether (Swarthmore College)

Strategic IT

Cross Institution Enterprise Application Collaboration
Spencer Golden (Haverford College), Vince Patone (Bryn Mawr College)

GDPR – Scope and Approach
Heather Woods (Wellesley College)

Incident Response Planning with FEMA NIMS
Alan Bowen (Franklin & Marshall College)

Love the One You’re With: PeopleSoft and the Future
Gavin Foster (Gettysburg College), tbd

Our Biggest Disasters (and What We Learned From Them)
Ron Griggs (Kenyon College), Ellen Keohane, CIO (College of Holy Cross), Greg Diment, CIO (Kalamazoo College), David Baird, VP for Information Technology (Wesleyan University)

Project management when you don’t have a PMO
Trina Marmarelli (Reed College), Marianne Colgrove (Reed College)

Taking Care of Business: Aligning IT with Institutional Priorities
Dave Baird (Wesleyan University), Karen Warren (Wesleyan University)

Working Together to Save Money & Share Resources
Carol L. Smith (DePauw University), Wendy Woodward (Wheaton College (IL))

We Heard You, but What Does the Data Say? Evidence-Based Analysis of Technology Services
Ellen Yu (Union College), David Consiglio (Bryn Mawr College)

Client Experience

How Listening to People Makes Us All Better
Joel F. W. Price (Swarthmore College)

A Less Dangerous Ask Me Anything
Jessica Stockett (Swarthmore College), Joel Price (Swarthmore College)

Information Technology Service Management Experiences
Jason Parkhill (Colby College)

Stop Tilting at Windmills and Start Toppling Silos: Build Intracampus Trust and Teamwork by Ending the Internal Customer Concept
Ted Wilder (Macalester College), Ted Wilder (Macalester College)

Staff Development

Bottom-Up Leadership: A Student Employee Model 
Christina Webster (Swarthmore College), Richard Muniu (Swarthmore College)

Digital Transformation – the Long Version
Nick Roberts (Davidson College)

Internet2, Educause, CLAC and you!
Carrie Ramp (Franklin & Marshall College), Ana Hunsinger (Vice President for Community Engagement, Internet2), John O’Brien (President & CEO, Educause)

Pursuing a CLAC Cohort for the MOR Leaders Program: a dialogue with those developing the idea
Michael Cato (Bowdoin College), Carlos Garcia (Vassar College), Vijay Menta (Middlebury College), Justin Sipher (MOR Associates )

Digital Competencies

Bryn Mawr’s Digital Competencies Program: A Framework for Success In and After College
Christine Boyland (Bryn Mawr College)

Domains & the Digital Liberal Arts
Jason Jones (Trinity College), Rachel Schnepper (Wesleyan University)